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Kiehl Xmax Foam Touch

COD PRODUS j 40 70
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The high foaming, high alkaline cleanser shows best results with touchless high pressure and commercial vehicle cleaning

▲Maximum cleaning efficiency with traffic dirt, insects and brake abrasion on rims
▲Excellent dissolving of mineral dirt
▲Creation of a voluminous and adherent foam
▲Pleasant fragrance
▲Extremely high-concentrated
Anionic and non-ionic surfactants, solubilizers, complexing agents, water soluble solvents, alkali, corrosion inhibitors and perfume.
pH-value of the concentrate: 13,5

Low pressure spray unit application (e. g. via “KAW-JET”) and in touchless commercial vehicles washes
Truck: 1:10 – 1:30 final dilution
Spray the product exhaustive onto the surface of the vehicle. Subsequently rinse with a HP unit.
Do not use in coin operated self service spray units.
Application in foam units of commercial vehicle washes resp. in manually applicable “foam guns”
Pure or pre-diluted up to 1:5 via dosing pump resp. injectors. The foam optic can be varied by machine adjustment from voluminous-dry to aqueous-running off.
Application as brush shampoo in commercial vehicles washes:
Pure via dosing pump or pre-diluted up to 1:10 via injectors of the of the brush wash zone. The dosing should be chosen in a way that a slightly foaming is visible.
General application advice
To prevent paint and material damages as well as surface changes dilute the product as mentioned. Depending on the temperature the reaction time should not be longer than 1-3 minutes. Never let the solution dry onto the surface!
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Kiehl Xmax Foam Touch
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