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Kiehl Rubin

COD PRODUS k 21 60
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▲ Preserves and maintains particularly intentsive paint-, rubber- and plasticsurfaces and contributes thereby to a
higher value retention
▲ Particularly outstanding gloss on paint- and plastic- surfaces with perfect optic
▲ Very long lasting protection against influences of weather and environment (e.g. UV radiation)
▲ Impregnation effect, which ensures a maximum dirt and water repellent effect
▲ Optimal suitable for convertible care
▲ Particularly outstanding drying result without additional use of a drying agent, even with plants with low blower capacity and/or fast running machines
▲ Low cost per car, because of low consumption by high product concentration
▲ Free of mineral oil and hydrocarbons
▲ Pleasant scent
Cationic surfactants, solubilizers, protecting components, waxes, dye and perfume.

pH-value of the concentrate: approx. 5

Application in units with blower drying (spray and foam wax application):
Pure via dosing pump with low capacity (max. 6 l/h). While application as hot wax the temperature should not exceed 60 °C.
Application in self-service jet wash units and commercial vehicle washes:
In contrast to plants with blower drying a delayed water break is requested, so that the water can particularly run off completely.
Therefore in these cases it is important to work with a high pre-dilution (final dilution approx. 1:2500 up to 1:5000). Dosing pure via dosing pump with low capacity.
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Kiehl Rubin
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